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St James Theatre, Lorne Street, Auckland

 With consultation with Salmond Reed Architects and their library of images of the building, site photography and elevational plans this complex image was constructed to every lasting detail.



Martin Law has worked as an Architectural Interior and exterior perspective visualizer and concept designer for over 30 years.  Since graduating in 1991 from Central St Martins School of Art and Design, London, Martin has successfully worked on projects in Europe, The Middle East, Asia and New Zealand. His formative years as a Designer and Architectural Visualizer were spent in England and Italy collaborating with Architects, Interior and Industrial Designers. 

In 1992 Martin founded his own studio in London where he gained an accomplished reputation within the field of conceptual design and Architectural perspective visualization. Some of his projects have included Royal Palaces, Hotels, Commercial Interiors, Yachts, Private Residences and Aircraft. Work undertaken has been for an international clientele.

Martin moved to New Zealand 15 years ago and lives in Auckland. Six years ago he started the Painter of Paradise Project, which is a detailed study and record of New Zealand Architecture in its landscape and has exhibited extensively throughout New Zealand. 

What Martin can offer-


His work involves the construction of hand drawn perspectives from plans and elevations, photographs, verbal descriptions or samples. Using Graphical projection techniques to construct drawn images that are accurate 3D visualisation of proposed buildings or landscapes. After approval from the client, these drawings are then rendered in Acrylic or Gouache to create a true artist impression. The degree of precision offered can vary from concept sketch to large detailed 2 point perspectives.

These construction processes combined with proven illustration techniques ensure the exact and effective communication of the design concept and intent. Similar to computer generated images, techniques are used so that original art works can be modified even when finished, so works can continue to evolve if need be.

Images are works of art that engage the viewer and can be digitally copied or exhibited as originals. 

Martin is available for freelance work as a perspective visualiser and can be involved at any stage of the project to develop designs and visuals that effectively communicate intent to clients or the general public.


His fields of speciality are-

Architectural interiors and exteriors


Urban design




Film set

Product design




HRH Prince Sultan KSA

Prince Bander

Sultan Qaboos Oman

Bin Ladin Construction Group KSA

Saudi Dyer Consultants Jeddah

Areen Design

AAU Design 

Abdallah Al Kouatlly Architects

Blumpied & Partners

Donald Starkey Design

Ettwein Bridges Achitects

Graeme and Robyn Hart

Graham Leonard Associates

Hirsh Bedner & Associates London

H2 Yacht Design

Hopkins Architects

Ian Schrager Ltd

John Stefanidis


JPA International


KCA International

Lurssen Germany


Owen Kemble Architects 


Redman Whitley Dixon


RPW London


Solland Interiors


Tessa Kenedey Design


Terence Disdale Design



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